The Hidden Hut, Porthcurnick beach near Portscatho

We had enjoyed watching the Caroline Quentin TV series on Cornwall and were fascinated by The Hidden Hut so we decided that we should try find it. Yes, it is well hidden and parking isn’t easy but boy is it worth the effort. At the end of a coastal path from the little village of Portscatho from one end or at the end of a long cul de sac from the even tinier village of Rosevine from the other is a beautiful little beach which is where you will find a picturesque wooden hut run by a couple of proper foodies. You sit at one of two long wooden communal tables with enormous benches or a few smaller steel tables. Almost everything on the chalk board menu, except the wonderful breads which are sourced locally, is home made.

I had a smoked haddock chowder followed by a piece of orange and almond cake and D had spicy chicken and butternut squash tagine followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream. Luscombe juices and tea accompanied the food with the most wonderful view.

You know we all talk about those gems on the med that are good value but serve the freshest simplest food and make a holiday, well here is as good as any in the UK.


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