Meat Liquor

Meat-Liquor-3 tumblr_m0zoqtj1Ko1qiwoc6 dsc01192 ilovedust_meatliquor2

This is a place in London I’ve been looking forward to visiting. It does what it says on the tin: Meat and Liquor. On trend dirtbag food and cocktails – perfect!

The menu is pretty simple: burgers, sliders, chilli fries, fried pickles – you get the picture… all served up with real attitude and great cocktails. The restaurant itself is very rock & roll too with nightclub-loud rock music (great playlist BTW) and super subdued lighting (ie almost pitch black) all adding to the Hollywood Boulevard vibe. The interior design of the restaurant is right out The Lost Boys too with uber cool graffiti montage imagery creating an exciting and almost illicit American roadhouse feel.

Prices were very reasonable too especially given the restaurant’s location near Mayfair. £8 for mains is very sensible and actually compared to Leeds prices, pretty much a bargain.

It’s worth noting there’s a no booking policy as is the other trend right now but as we were eating early doors, we strolled right in. When we left about 8pm there was a very long line waiting to be seated.

It’s very much a down with the kids joint and who am I to argue??? We had a fun time and if you fancy a really mischievous night out eating and drinking what you shouldn’t, then Meat Liquor is the place for you.


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