Restaurant bingo

Restaurateurs are looking for innovative ways to apply new concepts to food and the ambiance of their eateries, but no matter how new their ideas seem, another restaurant has probably already gone through the same transformation. Similar restaurants are emerging here and there, especially in metropolitan areas like London. Whether the new bistro around the corner has hired a celebrity chef as a consultant or that “one-of-a-kind” hipster café now has a raw vegan menu, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between some places.

It must be a nightmare for restaurateurs because they want to do everything in their power to avoid concepts that have been done to death. Even staff restaurants are looking to reinvent themselves by hiring renowned chefs to aid in this transformation. 

Chef Mike Truelove, the only English chef to have two Michelin stars at the time, was recruited by Iceland Bingo to turn its staff restaurant The Roxy into a dining experience that is Michelin star-worthy. Yet, according to bloggers on Meta Filter, even the Michelin star (and Michelin star-worthy) restaurants are beginning to look and taste the same. 

In order to stray away from jumbling all your new dining experiences into one, it might be a good idea to have a game of restaurant bingo at each new restaurant you and your friends eat at. Although Food Riot does already have a set of restaurant bingo cards at your disposal , it could be fun to gather your own observations that have appeared as patterns in your last few dining experiences, or just contribute restaurant clichés of your own. A few examples you could include are dessert-turned cocktails, Western takes on sushi, and dimly-lit ambiance from candles. That way, you can differentiate between the new restaurants you’ve tried by the new restaurant clichés. 

(image courtesy of Food Riot) 

And of course, what fun would bingo be if there wasn’t a prize at the end — the winner of Restaurant Bingo should be exempt from paying the bill.

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