Around the world in 80 hours


The name of this site started off as a bit of a joke. We all liked a bit of travel and food so we thought a site documenting both passions would be appropriate. In truth it has evolved into a much different beast but we still kept the name.

This weekend with family visiting offered us an opportunity to travel the culinary world without leaving London. This is of course very easy in London with an amazing array of food — arguably the best and broadest in the world, right here on our doorstep.

Here’s our whirlwind weekend…


One of our local restaurants, Tas Firin is a homely charcoal grill restaurant Eastern Turkish style on the City Road, Old Street end. We ate in some style, J and I sharing the grilled meat platter special. Like eating barbecue without the hassle of cooking it yourself. House wine a bargain and the service excellent. We like this place, as you can tell from Julie and Carol in the photograph!!




Ducking out of the thunderstorm we happened upon a small Italian restaurant just off Tower Bridge. Named after Marlon Brando’s character The Don in The Godfather, it looked a bit old school but the lunch special for £6.95 wasn’t bad value. It served a purpose as the deluge continued outside. I’ll only say pleasant things about this place in case the mafia link is more than just branding. No food pics I’m afraid, just moody shots of London in the rain and Tate Modern.




Huong restaurant is in the heart of hipster Shoreditch, offering an energetic and vibrant dining experience, largely due to the hard-working, multi-tasking staff and colourful clientele. Food arrives lightning fast and is packed with flavour. I’m thinking Vietnamese is fast becoming my favourite far eastern food. The quick IG snap of my main course Hanoi fish is all that survives of the evening. Cheap and cheerful, we will return.




Thomasina Myer’s Wahaca chain blazes a trail for Mexican street food throughout the capital, delivering lip smacking flavours so bright sunglasses have to be worn at all times. Wahaca Soho was the location for our quick lunch with the sharing platter for two at £20 superb value. We were full to bursting for a tenner, which for sat down in Soho isn’t bad at all. Bright room, even brighter food. Decent food pics this time…enjoy! Spot on.






Our globetroffing culminated with Spanish tapas at Brindisa Tramontana, again in Shoreditch. Sore feet after a day walking dictated a local affair and we weren’t disappointed. Ordering two dishes each with a few extras for good measure we tucked in heartily as each dish arrived. Comforting and leisurely, Tapas is surely the best kind of food when the wine and conversation is flowing. Brisk, friendly service with complimentary cheese from the chef too. Too dark to get a decent images unfortunately except for a moody shot of the bar. Trust me, it was fabulous.


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