The Loaf – Crich, Derbyshire


There are not many places where you get welcomed as a friend, eat delicious food, but also get to take home baking equipment and bread making advice.

After my last post about Jeera in Crich, I promised to review The Loaf on our next visit to pizza night. It was only half way through eating my Capricciosa that I remembered this, so apologies for the rather rushed phone photos. Not much gets between me and my food.

Other than special events like Storytelling nights or Children in Need, The Loaf only opens as a pizza restaurant on Wednesday’s, but it’s a real midweek bonus if you remember to book one of the two sittings. The pizzas are baked in the ovens that are used to bake gorgeous bread for the cafe, and various other outlets, during the day. They have a perfect thin, slightly chewy crust and a traditional selection of toppings. The dessert options are delicious too, tonight we shared the lemon cheesecake and apple frangipane tart. There is no alcohol licence so you need to take your own wine if you fancy a glass, but Ed especially likes their coffee and always finishes the evening with an Americano.

To go along with their bread baking classes various baking accoutrements are now on sale. So tonight I have come home with a traditional cane proving basket, a grignette (a blade for slashing the dough) and a reclaimed oven stone for baking on. I also got a some invaluable advice on how to use it all.

So, Pizza Night is well worth a visit…and I promise that my next post will be a little farther afield than ‘right on my doorstep’.

Jeera – Crich, Derbyshire

A little decider


This is fast becoming our ‘go to’ place for a tasty dinner when I don’t feel like cooking.

Jeera is a Bangladeshi restaurant in Crich which is a small village perched on a hill in Derbyshire. Crich is probably best known for being the location for ITV’s ‘Peak Practice’ and it’s also the home of the ‘National Tramway Museum’.

Truth be known Crich is a village we would really like to live in, it has several proper pubs, a handful of shops and our favourite artisan bakery, The Loaf. The Loaf serves excellent Pizza cooked in the bread oven, but only on a Wednesday, so we will review that another (Wednes)day.

Having a 10 year old we tend to eat early, so we are often the only diners in the restaurant, but it gets busier later in the evening. Tonight we sat in the bright, early evening sun and ate crispy poppadums with some super pickles. We then had rich Lamb Bhuna, a Chicken Rezala that’s packed with tiny green chillies, plus a milder Chicken Tikka Masala to please the boy. We had rice, hot buttery naan and a couple of drinks each. Everything was excellent and we can’t fault the attentive service.

The bill came to £45 and we are now happily all home before dark so we can watch a movie before bed.

Claire, Ed and George from Thingswemake