Prashad Vegetable Handi

After the culinary delights in recent weeks of The Old Vicarge (Sheffield) & the ‘original’ Loch Fyne (…well you can guess where) it was back to the day job and my Veggie Indian exploration. My first three attempts, were by my reckoning a decent attempt but there were mistakes. Firstly, I failed to properly prep in advance……well I am a man. And secondly, I failed to read the Prashad recipe properly……like I said….I am a man. I decided on this latest attempt, to throw my manliness to the wind and do the job properly – just as Kaushy had gone to the trouble to explain

Some chill out music on (Karima Francis – The Remedy….in case you’re interested) and I prepped my ingredients ala Saturday Morning Kitchen (or Blue Peter if you’re of a certain age) see below…..A fairly therapeutic exercise, although i’m not sure it should take the 1 1/2 hours it actually took!!

Onto the cooking. A handi, I am reliably informed is a round, deep, thick-bottomed cooking pot, so why the wonderful wife said use a wok, I have yet to work out. The great thing about this particular dish is that after the prep, it all goes into the single handi (or wok….in my case) and there’s no multi tasking involved…phew. I caramelised onions after I had browned cumin seeds in oil. After this, I stirred in blended tomatoes, potato, carrot, some water (well 300ml to be precise) and left to simmer for 7-8 mins (why are these recipes so vague). I then added the now familiar masala paste (which I just adore – green chillies, garlic, root ginger & salt), turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin and fresh coriander. I stirred in red & green peppers, cauliflower and a bit more water (well 100ml exactly) and allowed some more simmering time……or as I have interpreted it….beer timeThe final element is to stir in the peas and after the cooking is complete stir in (Prashad) garam masala and leave to rest for 15 mins to allow the flavours to develop. Having tasted the curry both during cooking and after resting, I can report they really do…who’d have thought. The final result, by following the recipe and having everything properly prepped, was without doubt my biggest success to date and not by coincidence the tastiest curry I have made and eaten.

In recent weeks we have been enjoying these recipes with a nice bottle of the red stuff but the flavours are just too dominant to get the best from the wine, so this was washed down with my favourite Anchor Steam ale (San Francisco indy beer), which was altogether more complimentaryNext up…Ratalu (garlicky curried purple yam – whatever that is)….can’t wait…