It’s been a busy old few weeks and this week was no different. I spent two days in London on business but managed to find some foodie love among the work stuff. I try to make time when I’m travelling on business to discover new things from a food perspective – it’s often too easy to go for the hotel dinner for one option after a long day travelling.

I had arranged a breakfast meeting at Leon in Ludgate Circus near Blackfriars. I really like Leon, it strikes me as a chain with a heart. It’s a small London chain of high quality fast but good food restaurants in the cooler parts of the city. I really wished we had one in Leeds.

On this occasion I ordered one of their full english breakfast pots as the menu says ‘Poached egg topped with Cumberland sausage, British back bacon and saucy beans, for those who love both breakfast and England’. These pots are pretty cute and well worth teaming up with some hot buttered toast for a very satisfactory start to the day. And their coffee is excellent.

It wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t mention the branding and identity of Leon. It’s really cool, lo-fi and very much of the moment. It captures the spirit of what they are trying to do and the staff reinforce this by also being right on song from a brand perspective – chatty and unpretentious.